RCA Radios

Tired of the high cost of P25 digital radios? The RCA RPX6500 P25 digital mobile radio is a very good quality alternative from a company that has been building radios for over 100 years.

Guaranteed compatible with your current P25 radios.

Where flexibility and reliability in demanding environments is paramount, the RPX6500 will meet the challenge. The RCA’s RPX6500 mobile two-way radios are P25 CAP Certified and meet all Project 25 (P25) specifications for Police, Fire, Ambulance, and other emergency services. RCA’s P25 radios include MultiCom™ software, an advanced system that enables each radio to conform to today’s standards as well as future requirements. These heavy-duty radios are highly customizable and will meet or exceed the needs of demanding public safety users.

MultiComTM Technology

Allows easy integration with any P25 Conventional and P25 Trunking Systems, Analog Conventional and MPT1327 Trunking Systems.

P25 CAP Compliant

Providing interoperability, integrating easily with any existing Analog, P25 Conventional and P25 Trunking Systems for Public Safety Applications.

Mixed Mode Operation

Mixed Mode Operation with Auto Sense Option allows the radio to operate on both analog and P25 Digital modes and auto-detect the type of incoming signal.

AMBE+2TM Vocoder

Advanced digital vocoder eliminates background noise and provides crystal clear, loud communication.


DES-OFB 128-bit or AES 256-bit encryptions in P25 Digital mode or Scrambler type voice encryption in analog mode.

Extensive Channel, Individual and Talkgroup Capacity

Allows the radio to store up to 1500 channels and up to 250 Individual and Talkgroup IDs.

Voting and Scanning Functions

Voting and Scanning with dual mode scan, dual priority scan and trunked priority scan options with 240 Scan Groups and 240 Voting Groups.