These units comes with Radio, Antenna,  4900 Mah Battery Pack, and Charger.

Large, Color LCD Display
1-6 Watts RF Power Output
5000 Channels, Dynamic Grouping
512 Programmable Quick Call ID’s
Channel/Priority/Dual Mode/Group Scan
Problem Prevention Features
Birdie Free
DVSI AMBE+2 Version 1.80 Vocoder
Text Messaging
Superior Audio Quality
Long Battery Life
Custom Programming
Waterproof IP67/IP68 Rating
APCO Project 25
Field Or USB Programmable
Emergency Signaling
Talk Around


P25 Trunking
Wireless OTAR
Multicast Vote Scan
AES/DES/OFB Level 2 Multi-Key Encryption, Including ADP

Wildland firefighters are physically fit and highly trained to fight wildfires. Firefighters can be part of a hand crew, using hand tools to construct fireline around a wildfire. While others work are part of an engine crew and utilize hoses and water to extinguish wildfire. More experienced firefighters can be assigned to helitack crews, hotshot crews, or become a smokejumper.

Wildland firefighters from every type of crew work together to achieve the suppression goals for land management agencies.

King Radios BKR5000

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