KNG & KNG2 P-25 Digital-Analog 5000 CH Portables

KNG P150 VHF 136-174 MHZ Portable
KNG P400 UHF 380-470 MHZ Portables
KNG P500 UHF 440-520 MHZ Portable
KNG P800 763-870 MHZ Portables
KNG VHF 136-174 MHZ Command Portable
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KNG2 VHF-UHF Next Generation Portables

King Radios KNG2 PortableKNG P150 CMD BK Radios #2

KNG Portables are preferred by the Forest Service, BLM, Cal Fire, BIA, National Park Service, and many other government agencies. They are also used by the US Military.

The best Wildland Fire & Public Safety Radios on the Market, and they are American Made.

KNG P150S VHF 136-174 MHZ Portable
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KNG P400S UHF 380-470MHZ Portable