Do you own or manage a business? Are you looking to improve the way your security team communicates? Are you deciding on whether you should get them cell phones or two-way radios?

Such a predicament is not surprising. Cell phones and two-way radios are the most popular options for secure communications. They are both mobile and easy to carry around.

Since smartphones are more common nowadays, some people think two-way radios are obsolete. But are they? 

Are smartphones the better choice? Or are 2 way radios for business still the better option? Continue reading below as we take a look at how the latter stacks up to the former.

Which is the Wiser Choice?

There is a debate that pits smartphones against 2 way radios for business security purposes. Both options have their merits. They also have their respective cons. 

The key is to focus on the essentials. Let’s take a look at the key areas where two-way radios and walkie-talkies trump smartphones.

Better Coverage and Call Quality

Whether it’s a digital type or analog two-way radio you are using, they both offer superior coverage and call quality. This is because two-way radios do not rely on cell towers to function. This means you will not encounter any dead spots, which are evident in smartphone use.

This is critical for the security of businesses. You want your security team to get in touch with one another seamlessly. You want their communication lines open and without any delays.

The quality of the calls is crisper. There are no network outages or dropped calls to worry about. This is crucial especially if you have a big security team manning your facilities.

Since walkie-talkies reduce downtime, you will have a more efficient security team. In the grander scheme of things, you will have fewer worries about losing money because of less downtime.

Longer Battery Life

Another area where two-way radios beat smartphones is in the battery performance. Most smartphones cannot last the entire day without plugging them on the charger. There’s no problem if your security team carries power banks.

Then again, power banks are additional expenses on your part. But, with two-way radios, you don’t need to worry about charging since they have longer battery life. They can last up to 16 hours on a single charge.

This is crucial especially during night shifts. The same thing goes during emergencies. These are times when your team needs to get in touch with everyone or call for medical assistance.

Furthermore, most two-way radios come with battery backups. Additionally, they can also have noise reduction features that work best in windy and noisy environments.

More Economical

Two-way radios are also a more economical choice because they don’t require you to pay any monthly bills. They also don’t come with any service contracts. They also don’t require you to pay any roaming charges or calling minutes.

If you have a big security team, you don’t need to give a radio to every one of them. Instead, some of them can share a radio. You can set them for one-to-one communication.

You can also tailor them to accommodate one-to-many or many-to-many communications. This, in turn, further cuts down your acquisition expenses.

They come with a lower cost of ownership, and you can pay for them in full in about a year and a half.

Practical Interface

The modern-day smartphone comes with all sorts of features and applications. Thus, they also come with a cluttered interface. Sometimes, this causes confusion among users, especially during emergencies.

On the flip side, two-way radios offer a simple interface. There are not many buttons to press except for the essentials. 

Moreover, they also come with a push-to-talk button. This button allows you to communicate instantly. There’s no need to dial several numbers to get your call through.

This button is useful if your people are wearing gear like heavy gloves and headsets. 

Network Security

When it comes to the privacy of communications, two-way radios offer some of the best in terms of network security. These radios use a closed network whereas smartphones use public networks.

Public networks are prone to different kinds of security threats.

More Durable

Durability is the name of the game for walkie-talkies. Not to dismiss the quality of today’s smartphones but two-way radios simply excel when it comes to durability. You can expect your two-way radios to work even under extreme environments. 

If you accidentally drop a smartphone on the ground, there is a chance for the screen to crack. In far worse cases, your smartphone will stop working.

As for the two-way radios, manufacturers build them with military specifications in mind. Some of these radios like the BK KNG radios can withstand extreme temperatures. It can also resist water intrusion, as well as vibrations and impact.

Best for Emergencies

Because of the durability, reliability, and performance of two-way radios, they are simply the better option for emergencies. They can help ensure the safety of your security team as well as other employees within the premises through the “man down” and “lone worker” features.

Moreover, they come with Bluetooth and GPS features. This is helpful if your staff needs to locate someone during a fire or earthquake.

Phones vs 2 Way Radios for Business: Verdict

Security is of your facility requires top-notch attention. There is no room for errors and lapses especially when it comes to communications. 

With the performance, reliability, and durability of two-way radios, they are the better choice for your security team. Don’t waste your money on smartphones. Though they have their own merits, they will fall short in several areas.

Get the Radios You Need, Today!

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