It may surprise you to find out that Bendix King (BK) Technology radios are the best public service communication devices around.

For instance, The U.S. Forest Service demands the best for its rangers and wildland firefighters. It’s common for forest services across the United States to choose BK Radios to protect wildlands and fight fires.

BK radios cost about half that of similar products of lower quality. Whenever it’s time to procure new forest radios, BK Technology wins out every time.

The BK Radio King Series, for example, is an exceptional two-way radio. It incorporates the top industry radiofrequency and electrical specifications.

BK manufactures their units with a rugged, waterproof housing. No matter what situation arises, you’ll always be able to share and receive critical information with a BK Radio.

What Goes Into Making BK Radios?

Public agency personnel use two-way radios every day. For example, they use them to manage emergencies and other public safety-related responsibilities.

Two-way radios use electromagnetic energy that’s measured using the radiofrequency (RF) spectrum. It enables service persons to communicate over great distances.

RF energy is one kind of electromagnetic energy. Other forms of electromagnetic energy are electric, radar, sunlight and x-ray.

The radiofrequency energy generated by portable two-way radios is not enough to cause physical harm. Engineers work with various agencies to establish standards for exposure to radiofrequency energy.

The standards establish the recommended levels of RF exposures for both public service workers and the public. Manufacturers test two-way radios sold in North America, for instance, to make sure that they meet the region’s RF exposure standards. They also recommend operating instructions to ensure the safety of two-way radio users.

The Quality of Your Service Radio Matters 

In late 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took notice that a growing number of retailers were selling two-way radios. These low-cost units were available both on- and offline. These units, however, did not comply with FCC standards.

Many of these devices find their way to the United States. People should use the devices in question for short distance, two-way voice communications. Whether they are used by individuals or agencies, the FCC must authorize any two-way radio for use in the country.

The commission noticed a growing number of two-way radio imports that did not comply with their regulations. As a result, the FCC issued an advisory about two-way radios that cautioned against importing them to the United States.

In general, the FCC must certify electronic devices that emit radio waves for importation, sale, or use in the United States. A valid two-way radio should have clear markings that show FCC compliance.

The Federal Communications Commission does make an exception for amateur radios. For instance, a device might operate only on the frequency that the FCC has set aside for amateur radio licensees.

If so, it doesn’t need authorization by the commission. Still, many radios that operate across amateur frequencies also work across ones that require authorization by the FCC.

Why Bendix King Radios Are the Best on the Market

BK Technology manufactures two-way radios that are top-notch. They’re engineered and tested to comply with national and international standards. Their radios limit human exposure to RF energy.

Take, for instance, the BK Radio KNG APCO Project 25 digital radio. It limits human exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic energy.

The radio comes with detailed user instructions. The instructions show how the radios comply with regulatory standards. These standards include those set forth by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

IEEE standards recommend a limit, for instance, for the occupational RF exposure for the KNG APCO Project 25 digital radio. Exposure should remain below up to 50% of transmitting energy while talking. For this particular model, the FCC authorizes this unit for occupational use only.

You can measure the RF energy for compliance with IEEE and FCC exposure guidelines. To do so, monitor your radio’s measurable RF energy while it’s transmitting, not when it’s receiving or in standby mode.

When using and testing the radio, make sure that you use only an approved power supply. Approved power supplies for two-way radios operate within specific limits.

For instance, the battery that comes with the BK Radio KNG APCO Project 25 digital radio operates at 5% talk, 5% listen and 90% standby. When operating within these parameters, the unit complies with FCC and IEEE regulations.

The handset also complies with regulations established by other territories. For instance, BK Radios comply with standards such as the Canadian ICES-003 regulation.

The BK Radio KNG Series operates using a microprocessor core. The microprocessor powers the device’s advanced features and allows users to program the unit.

You can determine the best operational settings for your agency or organization by speaking with a dealer. They can show you, for instance, how scan delay allows you to receive a response before the unit scans for other channels. A dealer can also show you how to program individual channels to always transmit in low-power mode.

The Future of Two-Way Communication

Today, the internet is the source of radical transformation across almost every industry. It’s also transforming a slew of technologies.

The internet is also changing how first responders – such as ambulance, fire and police service persons – make use of two-way radios. Now, internet switching enables, for instance, a police officer to talk to an ambulance driver who’s across the city or across the nation. A short time ago, this kind of advanced capability was unthinkable.

Choosing the Right Radio for Your Agency or Organization

For first responders, effective communication is critical for saving lives. Your choice of two-way radio is not something that you can take for granted.

You must choose a two-way radio that always works right when you need it. BK Radios have a reputation for exceptional performance that you cannot ignore.

If your organization or agency needs new two-way radios for your public safety team, contact King Radios today for a quote on a discount radio bundle. We offer special discounts for government accounts.