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Owners Manual

What’s in the Box? Radio KNG2 P150, Extended Range Antenna, Li-Ion Battery, Smart Charger, Nylon Case, Submersible Speaker Mic w/3.5 mm earphone jack, and Manual. Let us know if you need keypad programming enabled before they ship.

Don’t need the Speaker Mic and Nylon Case? Exchange it for a Cloning Cable. Need a Li-Ion Battery and Charger, but want a Clamshell also, just add $50 to the Package Price.

If you need Accessories or Options (Options will be installed before shipment) go here:

KNG Portable Accessories

Frequency Range 136 – 174 MHz

Channels 5000
Battery Life (up to) 12+ Hours
Zones (up to) 32

Operating Voltage 10 V

Channel Spacing 12.5/25 kHz

Channel Increments 1.25 kHz

Operating Temperature -30 °C to +60 °C

Dimensions (W x D x H) 2.5 x 1.8 x 5.5 in
Weight w/ Battery 16 oz
Standby Current Draw 75 mA



Sensitivity: 12db

SINAD -121 dBm

P25 Sensitivity: 5% BER -121 dBm

Adjacent Channel Rejection 80 (70) dB

P25 Adjacent Channel Rejection 60 dB

Spurious and Images 80 dB

Intermodulation Rejection 78 dB

Audio Response +1dB / -3dB

Audio Distortion at 500 mW 1 %

RX Current Draw 150 mA


RF Power 6/5/1 Watts

Frequency Stability 1.5 ppm

Modulation Deviation 5 (2.5) kHz

Audio Distortion 3 %

FM Hum and Noise 50 (44) dB

Spurious and Harmonics 75 dB

Current Draw @ High Power 1500 mA

Audio Response +1 db / -3 dB