Product Description

This radio has been discontinued, and is no longer available.

What’s in the box? Radio, Standard Microphone, Power Cord, Bracket, 8′ Extension cable (longer cables are available), and Owners Manual.  

If you need the Programming Mic go to here: BK Mobile Accessories

The latest and greatest addition to the BK Radio D Series digital family, the DMH mobile radios are now joined with the DPH digital portable radios to complete the highest-tier digital BK Radio product line. Also field-programmable for easy customization in any location/situation.


AAPCO Project 25

136 – 174 MHz VHF

400 channels, 500 user groups, 16 channels per group

Superior audio quality and clarity

15 – 50 watts programmable RF power

DES/AES encryption options

Digital, analog, and mixed-mode operations on each channel plus Automatic Mode Detection

Cloning technology transfers information from one radio to another automatically

FLASH Technology enables future enhancements without hardware changes, instead adding software capabilities quickly and easily.

Ultra-secure multi-level password programming protection

User-Selectable Code Guards

User Selectable Network Access Codes

High Visibility VFD Display

Dual Priority Scan

Talkback Scan

Nuisance Channel Delete

Transmit Time-Out-Timer

Soft Switch Programming

Tone Code Guard (CTCSS)

Digital Code Guard (CDCSS)

Network Access Codes

DTMF Encode


Talk Group IDs

Streamlined Unit-to-Unit Call-Back

Emergency Transmission Mode