Firmware for KNG-P500 (5000 Ch.)

Release DateRevision NumberRequired EditorRelease NotesFirmware
5/31/20185.6.0KAA0733 Ver. 5.6.0Download
4/24/20185.5.0hKAA0733 Ver. 5.5.4Download
12/15/20175.5.0fKAA0733 Ver. 5.5.3Download
12/12/20175.5.0eKAA0733 Ver. 5.5.3Download
6/23/20175.5.0dKAA0733 Ver. 5.5.0Download
6/5/20175.5.0cKAA0733 Ver. 5.5.0Download
3/24/20175.5.0bKAA0733 Ver. 5.5.0Download
1/26/20175.5.0aKAA0733 Ver. 5.5.0Download
6/23/20165.4.0cKAA0732 Ver. 2.4.0Download
6/3/20165.4.0bKAA0732 Ver. 2.4.0Download
11/4/20155.3.0KAA0732 Ver. 2.3.0Download
5/1/20155.2.0aKAA0732 Ver. 2.2.1Download
3/4/20155.2.0KAA0732 Ver. 2.1.0Download
4/10/20145.1.0KAA0732 Ver. 2.0.2Download
2/1/20134.6.2KAA0732 Ver. 1.5.0Download
8/9/20124.5.0KAA0732 Ver. 1.4.19Download
3/14/20124.4.0KAA0732 Ver. 1.4.17Command Zone operation,
Messaging capabilities,
Analog DTMF/MDC paging support,
Legacy radio cloning
(See Release notes for more)
12/2/20114.2.16KAA0732 Ver. 1.4.15Added text messaging, remote radio inhibit.
Fixes talkback encryption issues.
See release release notes for details
11/11/20114.2.15KAA0732 1.1.14Fixed Site trunking to wide area trunking transitionDownload
9/6/20114.2.13KAA0732 Ver. 1.4.12Add Conventional OTAR capabilitiesDownload
7/19/20114.2.12KAA0732 Ver. 1.4.8Enhanced functionality
Fixed trunking scan lockup
5/20/20114.2.8KAA0732 Ver. 1.4.7P25 trunking OTAR finalized P25
trunking talkgroup scan
Dual Rx audio feature
Vocoder AGC and Noise suppression
3/22/20113.4.4KAA0732 Ver. 1.3.10Initial ReleaseDownload

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NOTE: Firmware updates may require radio editor updates to access new or enhanced radio features.