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Welcome to King Radios, where Bendix King radios are not a sideline, we offer both sales and service, as well as warranty repair. We carry a full line of accessories also.

King radios is a 30 year old Christian, family owned business, our people and our service reflect it!!

The BK Radio brand has long signified premier, top-of-the-line, high-specification, feature-rich radios with rugged durability and rock-solid reliability. Delivering unsurpassed performance as good or better than comparable radio products of the same type, Bendix King Radios also represents the most affordable choice in the top-tier portable and mobile radios - both APCO P25 digital and high-spec GPH-GMH Series analog radios - as well as base stations and repeaters. More Radio for Your Dollar. 

Smarter by design, all BK Radio products provide simple and intuitive Windows-based programming with the widest range of functionality, versatility, special features, and various options - yet also Easy to Use, Easy to Customize for any user requirements and situations. All you need and more, all at the most affordable price.

Serving firefighters for 30 years.

King Radios DMH5992XRelm Radios KNG-M150

BK radios DPHX5102X

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