Owners Manual


VHF 136-174 MHz

Includes radio, bracket, power cord and microphone and Owners Manual.


256 Memory Channels

They can be separated into

16 memory banks, of which you can quickly access pre-programmed contingency

frequency plans ideal for regional-wide, cross- municipality communications.


Embedded Radio Information

Through programming software, you can get the embedded information in the radio,

such as serial number, MCU software and hardware version, last programmed method

and time. The radio can save public and private embedded messages or a welcome

message for dealer and user’s to recognize.


16 Personal Templates for Channel Settings

To provide personalized communication and adapt to different applications, up to

16 personal templates can be selected for channel settings. In each template,

there are many different features that can switched on or off, such as VOX, TX

conditions, Call Codes, and so on.


Full Built-in Tone-signaling

All tone-signaling encoder/decoder are built-in, such as CTCSS, DCS, DTMF,

2-Tone or 5-Tone. A wide variety of selective calling systems are available to

call specific station or control a repeater.


5 Programmable Keys

Up to 5 programmable keys could be set as different

functions by holding or pressing on it.


Lone Work and Security Check

The radio enters emergency mode if you do not respond to a warning call (Lone

Work) or an inquire code (Security Check), adding security and safety for

individuals who work remotely and alone.


Remote Kill/Stun/Activate/Revive

If the radio is killed or stunned, all attempts on operation by the user will be

ignored. The radio will be activated or revived only when it receives the

correct code.


Multiple Emergency Calls

The RM8150 can be programmed to different kinds of sound emergency call, when

the emergency siren is enabled, the radio will transmit emergency ANI or sound



Call Authorization

The radio could be programmed as TX forbidden: TX unauthorized or TX allows to

be used in different positions in a group.


Flexible Call Operations

To achieve more efficiency in a dispatch situation, a missed call can be

transferred to a pre-programmed portable radio or directly call back from a

temporarily saved directory.


PLL Steps

2.5kHz, 5kHz, and 6.25kHz could be used for channel frequency assignments for

greater efficiency in frequency resources.


High and Low Power

To provide longer communications distance or less power consumption, the

RM8150 series mobile radio offers 50 Watts.


Optional Selection Tone (OST)

The RM8125/50 could be programmed to temporarily select CTCSS/DCS by one

pre-programmed key.


Meets MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F

The RM8150 is designed to meet MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F specifications covering

physical and temperature shock, vibration, low pressure, and solar radiation.


Key Lock

When this function is enabled, any operations on the key will be ignored. This

helps prevent the undesired operations caused by carelessness.


Lowest Volume Audibility

To prevent missed voice messages caused by the mute operation, Lowest Volume

Audibility limits the lowest volume to be an audible level.


Power-on Self-inspection

The radio power-on will be stopped automatically if there are any damages to the

radio’s data or hardware.


High/Middle/Low Power Switch

In each channel, RF power can be selected for different applications in

programming software or manually by via utilities menu.


Ignition Switch

The radio can be set to be switched on with the ignition of the vehicle or

manually for different applications.


Versatile Scanning Features

Up to 16 scan templates for each channel allows different scan list for

convenient administration in large work groups. The RM8150 series offers both

normal and priority scan modes. Most parameters in scan could be customized.

Personalized Alert TonePassword


PTT ID and Contact List-

14 Segments LCD

Repeater/Talk Around

Busy Channel Lockout (BCLO)

Time-out Timer (TOT)

Hook Scan Function

Dual Home Channels

Wired Clone

External Our for Horn Drive

4W Front-mounted Speaker

Upgradable Software


VOX (RM8125)