In Case of Emergency: What Radios are Best for Emergency Services?

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There may be a time where you find yourself in an emergency situation. In those moments, having the right resources can make a significant difference in the outcome. One of the most helpful resources to have in case of emergency is a good working radio. While there are many different emergency radios available, you want to [...]

Firefighter Radio Codes—Let’s Talk Fire

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When you hear the radio conversations between dispatchers and firefighters, do you understand what they’re saying? Have you ever wondered what all the jargon and lingo mean? If you’re interested in becoming a firefighter it’s something you need to know. The first radio transmission happened in 1906. Since then, an entire language of codes and phrases [...]

5 Reasons Why Your Fire Department Needs a BK Radio

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The market for land mobile radios is worth $8.24 billion and is expected to reach $20.82 by 2022. They help professionals communicate during emergencies, making them an essential tool for any fire department. The high demand for quality mobile radios has lead to an influx of providers, and it can be difficult to choose among all [...]

3 Signs Your Police Department Needs a Radio Upgrade

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Is your police department running into communication problems? A police radio is one of the most important pieces of equipment an officer can have. It lets them communicate with other officers so that they can report to crime scenes. They can also let other officers know what's going on whenever they're visiting a scene by themselves. [...]

Common Two Way Radio Problems and How to Fix Them

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Radios are not perfect, as much as you want them to be, they simply are not. However, they are very useful and effective at what they do. In any case, radio problems will happen, but you can fix radio issues by knowing their cause. In this article, we will cover the most common two-way radio problems, [...]

Equipping Your Base Station With the Best Antenna

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Have you ever thought about how your antenna affects your radio’s performance? More than likely, you accept those blind spots as a part of using your radio, but what if you could improve reception? More often than not, radio operators don’t think about their base station antenna. Typically, people think of antennas as an inexpensive commodity [...]

What is a P25 Digital Radio Repeater and How Does It Work?

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Modern communication has developed light years beyond our wildest imagination. Even still there is a demand for higher levels of outreach and an increasing need for communication. A radio repeater has been the answer to communication across the world for decades. Also known as a two-way radio repeater, this piece of technology receives a radio signal and [...]

The Basics and Tech of Public Safety Radio

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Wondering what the basics of public safety radio are? This technology is always changing, but if you're considering a career in public safety, it's a good idea to know how this communication tech might affect your job. Public safety communications are one of the most important parts of the job - without a way to communicate, [...]

How to Choose a Replacement Mobile Antenna for Your Radio

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Mobile radios are getting more and more common in the workplace these days from schools to firefighting to construction and police. The one factor they all have in common is these people have information that must be transmitted clearly and accurately. So, what can you do when your transmission isn't going through well? One option is [...]

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