Product Description

Owners Manual

Includes Radio, Antenna, Li-Ion Battery, Charger and Owners Manual.

VHF Includes Radio, Antenna, Battery, Charger, and Manual


The RP4200A is perfect for schools, hotels, factories, stadiums, golf courses, etc.  Let RELM Radio speed up your business and increase communication between management and staff.


16 channels
16 channels (15 plus scan) provide flexible channel assignments among
different user groups.
Small Package
Palm/pocket size, light-weight – only 8.3 oz. including battery.
4 Watt (UHF) & 5 Watt (VHF)
Get 4 or 5 Watt RF Output, full power everyday.
VHF/UHF Narrowband
136 – 174 MHz VHF, 420 – 470 MHz UHF frequency range, programmable by
channel to operate in both narrowband and wide band applications.
Intuitive Programming
The RP4200 is easy to program using any PC with Window’s OS. The simple
menu will guide you through programming your radio correctly.
Tough Casing
The gold-aluminum alloy cover keeps the radio cool and protects it from
weather and dirt.
Audio Annunciation
Audio Annunciation lets the operator know which channel is active via
an audio announcement – ideal for low-light conditions.
Emergency Alert
One-button emergency alarm alerts our partners to an emergency
Waterproof construction makes radio safe to use in severe weather
CTCSS/DCS encoder/decoder prevents interference from others on the
frequency you are using.
Busy-channel Lockout
Busy-channel Lockout prevents you from interfering with ongoing
conversation on the frequency.
Time-out Timer
Time-out Timer lets you set time limits after which radio will stop
transmitting, preventing possible damage to radio.
Long Battery Life
Get 8 – 10 hours of battery life with our standard 7.4 Volt
Lithium-Polymer battery.
Auto Power Saving
Auto Power Saving is activated 10 seconds after radio begins standby
mode for further battery power conservation.
Channel Scan
Scan channel makes it easy and simple for team leaders to monitor
operations – and scanning mode and priority scanning are both
The RP4200A has the ability to clone group information from one radio
to another using the optional cloning cable. This feature allows you to
reprogram channel data on your radio in just a few minutes.
Channels    16
 Frequency Range 146-174 MHz
 RF Power Output 5 Watts
Channel Spacing    25/12.5kHz
 Operating Temperature -25°C to + 55°C
Antenna impedance  50  Ohm
 Microphone impedance 2.2k Ohm
Battery 1200mAh, 7.4V
 Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 56.5 x 102 x 29.5
Total weight  235g
Wide Narrow
 Sensitivity: 12 dB SINAD 0.3uV
Selectivity 70dB 60dB
 IMD  65dB 65dB
 Distortion   <10%
Wide Narrow
Modulation type    16KOF3E    11KOF3E
Spurious and Harmonics    -70dB
Residential FM    -45dB    -40dB
FM distortion    5%
 Frequency stability    +/-2.5ppm
Maximum frequency deviation    5 kHz    2.5 kHz
Channels    16
Frequency Range    450 – 470 MHz
RF Power Output    4 Watts
Channel Spacing    25/12.5kHz
Operating Temperature    -30°C to + 60°C
Sensitivity: 12 dB SINAD 0.3uV
Selectivity 70dB 60dB
IMD  65dB 65dB
Distortion   <10%
Wide Narrow Modulation type    16KOF3E    11KOF3E
Spurious and Harmonics    -70dB
Residential FM    -45dB    -40dB
FM distortion    5%
Frequency stability    +/-2.5ppm
Maximum frequency deviation    5 kHz    2.5 kHz