There may be a time where you find yourself in an emergency situation. In those moments, having the right resources can make a significant difference in the outcome.

One of the most helpful resources to have in case of emergency is a good working radio. While there are many different emergency radios available, you want to make sure to choose the right one.

To help you better prepare for the unexpected we compiled information about the best radios for emergency services.

Why Is a Good Radio Needed in Case of Emergency?

There are many reasons you would need a good radio in case of emergency. Fire and police departments rely on the right kind of emergency service radios to operate efficiently. Radios are the lifeline of communication for fire and police departments.

If they don’t have the right communication system it can mean life or death. Emergency radios eliminate issues that may arise from improper communication channels. For example, a police department needs a good radio to call for backup in pursuit of a suspect.

A fire department needs emergency radios as well, especially when battling a raging fire in a rural area. Emergency service radios are the key to getting emergency broadcasts and other alerts in emergency situations.

A good emergency radio will also have more features compared to regular radio. Emergency radios are capable of receiving notifications and warnings at a very high frequency. This means the quality has to be of the highest level to ensure it is working.

In case of emergency, a radio has to work every single time. It also has to be able to work from anywhere. This speaks to why you need a good emergency radio.

Types of Emergency Radios

Not all emergency radios are the same. There are several types of emergency radios that fire and police departments use. Emergency radios can be mobile, fixed, or portable.

Each of these emergency radios can operate analog or digital. There are also trunk systems designed for mobile and portable radios which can improve their quality.

Mobile and Portable Emergency Radios

Mobile and portable emergency radios share many similarities in their functionality. These are some of the best types of radios for police and fire departments. Mobile and portable radios have the necessary functions that emergency service providers need.

These radios allow you to control the volume, switch between stations, and send information quickly. Mobile and portable radios have a dedicated orange or red emergency button to signal for help.

This is one of the most important features of an emergency radio as it is programmed to let those at the radio control level know you have an emergency. A great example of a portable emergency radio is the BKR5000 T1.

Differences in Mobile and Portable Emergency Radios

While mobile and portable emergency radios share a lot of similarities there are some differences between them. Mobile radios typically have to be mounted to get power. They are designed to get power from a vehicle’s electrical system.

Mobile emergency service radios can have two different design styles. It is either a one-piece design or a two-piece design in which the radio is separate from the controls. These types of radios have external antennas that connect to the radio.

In contrast, portable emergency radios are handheld not mounted. They get their power source from batteries or other power sources. These types of emergency radios are often rechargeable, unlike mobile radios.

Portable radios also have an external antenna made of rubber that is attached to the radio. Mobile radios have a reputation for performing better than portable radios. The reason being is they tend to have better Antennas and transmitters that are more powerful.

It is important to note that a mobile emergency radio if used in a trunked radio system could or could not have the same level of transmitters. That’s because trunked radio systems are normally designed for a portable radio.

When using a mobile or portable emergency radio, it can be helpful to use something called a repeater too. A repeater helps extend the coverage of mobile or portable radios, which can help with reliability in case of emergency.

Base Station Emergency Radios

Another type of emergency radio is called a fixed or base station radio. These types of radios are in a fixed location with their power source being AC utility power. Base station radios have the reputation of performing at a higher level than mobile or portable radios.

The reason for this is because base stations tend to have very high gain antennas systems and high power. They are more sensitive and have interference-resistant functionality.

Fire and police departments that are equipped with base stations are able to provide more coverage within a service area. This is because of the quality of these types of radios. Base stations can serve as a backup communication system if primary communication systems fail.

Things to Consider When Buying Radios for Emergency Service

When looking to buy a radio in case of emergency there are a few things to consider. You want to consider the operations of your team and department. It is important to have collaboration with your team making sure everyone knows how to use the emergency radios properly.

An internal assessment can pinpoint how to make the most use of your emergency radio systems. You also want to consider new technological advancements when it comes to emergency radios.

Understanding when to buy newer radios can be key in case of an emergency. New radios may also have improved functionality which can be useful in an emergency.

Do You Need High-Quality Emergency Radios?

In case of emergency, there is nothing like a quality radio to help you stay safe, and help others. For the men and women that provide their services in the direst situations, we take pride in being able to offer the best emergency radios.

With over 38 years in business, we have the right amount of experience to meet your needs. If you have questions about which type of emergency radio would be right for you, feel free to contact us today!